What Is A Mega Footer, And Why Is It Important In SEO?

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If you are unfamiliar with what SEO is, let me explain it the best I can. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is more of a methodology for optimizing a web page, social profiles, or any other online content to drive traffic to the most important place on the web. You know what that is right? Your web site or landing page of course. I'll go into Landing Pages in upcoming post in my SEO blog category. Okay so now that we are clear on that let's dive into talking about Footers and the new trend in Mega Footers.

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In old school web design, a header was a header, and a footer was a footer. It's purpose was to act as a place for site navigation or anything of least importance on the website. These also included stuff like an address of the business, phone number, and the links to rss, jobs openings, or social profiles. Today, there is a whole world of a difference in the way web developers design these Mega Footers for a business's website, and how the user interacts with it. Today's purpose has become another place for creativity to flow, extending the features of a site, and allowing for generating leads and potential clients.

After doing some research with the good ol Google, I came across some very interesting sites which utilized the Mega Footer very well. In the example screenshot above, this company has added graphical links to their social networks, great graphic design to keep the site interesting as they are a creative design firm, and then they added another section on the very bottom to their less important links or more specifically, footer navigation. They did all of this, but not without adding an integrated web form which is used to collect feedback from their visitors. I really liked this design because as a user, I wouldn't have to click on a feedback button, it was already accessible and thus minimizing my efforts to engage with their company and let them know what I liked or didn't like.

5 Ways To Identify Mega Footers

  • There will be a dramatic difference in background color, gradient, or graphics, which separates the main content from the content in the Mega Footer.
  • You might see forms
  • You might see a giant button asking you to sign up or take some action
  • It has it's own style, often much different from the rest of the site as if it was another page. The screen shot I chose at glance kind of looks like it's own webpage but that whole thing is the Mega Footer, and it is also quite large in height.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, it's ginormous! Mega Footers usually take up 100 percent of the screen compared to the traditional 960 pixel mobile friendly with

My Confessions As A Developer/Designer

I've always been my own worst critic as most people are in general whether they are designers or not. For me, I've always had this thing about not liking a page which scrolled too much vertically. Actually, I didn't like page scrolling hardly at all so I opted to prevent it on my homepage. I also contain my blog posts inside of a container, which on a larger screen avoids page scroll and allows the content to scroll instead. I just felt like it was more clean and simple. Even though I teach and promote trending technologies and methodologies like in this article, I have only recently decided to go back to the drawing board so I can make a Mega Footer work for me. I've had great success posting articles in sites like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, so I know that a super epic Mega Footer on my homepage would be 80% more effective than not having one. I say that because, I've been testing new products and have been kind to businesses who are consistent in the way they engage with me as a user, and their creativity. Psychology in advertising has shown that people hate being sold to. Hell, I do. A person will not respond to your pitch or the product alone, they are actually responding to the feeling of having a solution to a current problem or need. That feeling is what makes us buy a soda or snacks even though we may not eat or drink them right away.

I've gotten calls from Google regarding helping me improve my SEO and reach in Google Places, and I was actually happy to hear from them. Is that weird? Hubspot is for sure the most consistent, and I evangelize their software to all my clients. I recently watched a seminar that they sent me via email based on the products and ebooks I've downloaded in the past. I watched it one day, and the next, a real person called me to follow up on whether my business was interested in partnering with them and what I thought of the info I received. I missed their call, and I called them back and left them a message. Why would I do that? Because, I am interested in getting the most out of my business and they understand that because of the data that they get from their site, and social media. Hints the Web Form. When I fill out a form, I understand that I will receive the stuff I'm interested in. Notice how I place a general form at the end of each post to see what my readers or clients/potentials,would like to see more of. In theory, I'd get more subscribers and they would help me tailor my niche marketing to the people who want specific products. I market my products to other business similar to Google or Hubspot. A business professional with a need of marketing, seo, web technologies or methodologies to maximize their lead capture would be interesting in my products more than someone who was only interested in my Photography or Videography. Knowing that and the technologies in modern web design and marketing, I would never spam a user with content or ads, or anything that wouldn't help inform them of my products or services. After all, the wrong thing on a site or a poor user experience will your gain in potential income.

My Ultimate Mega Footer Design

You should subscribe to this post and to my blog to see videos of my new creation in action, or check back at my homepage and let's see what I come up with. A few ideas of what might be there though are Live Rss feeds of blog post or other social feeds, a featurette from my Masterpiece Reel Youtube Channel, Free trial web forms and Calls To Action, graphical Social links, and something with flash animation or good graphics to keep a user engaged in my site without over doing anything.

In Conclusion

A Mega Footer could be the one missing piece in your marketing and design to engage with your users if you already have your social profiles overflowing with rich content to reel them in. There is a purpose for anything you can image in a Mega Footer, the only limit is none. Zero. Use this space as an extension to your business. If you have a new product, feature it in the header and in the footer especially if your page scrolls quite a bit. I thank you guys for reading along, and I am always happy to answer any questions about my company, or any of our products and services. If you found this post helpful, please share it so someone who you believe would benefit from it.

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