Why was The Bereavement Register (UK) started?

The Bereavement Register was launched, in the United Kingdom, in 2000 as a service for members of the general public – designed to remove from databases and mailing files the names and addresses of people who have died.

In the UK, on average 80 pieces of direct mail will be sent out to each of the 580,000 people who die in the year following their death. Obviously these mailings will not reach the person they were intended for, instead they will be the cause of unnecessary additional grief to the relatives and friends of the recently deceased.

What is the history of The Bereavement Register Canada?

The predecessor company to The Bereavement Register Canada was started in July 2002. When it was confirmed that there was no existing solution to the problem of companies marketing to the deceased we started discussing possible resolutions with Funeral Homes, Marketing Companies and Consumers.

When it came time to implement our Canadian solution we looked for suitable business partners based on several factors including:

Integrity of the company and key personnel
Willingness to customize their offering for the Canadian market
Financial capability to ensure the success for Consumers, Funeral Homes, and Marketing Companies
The partnership with The REaD Group (UK) Ltd results in a Canadian offering that leverages the UK experience; has integrity; and ensures a comprehensive solution for all the stakeholders.

Whether in the UK or Canada The Bereavement Register has one simple aim: to reduce the mail sent to those who have died and consequently make the passage of bereavement that much easier.