CPA Marketing With Good Email Practices Equals Profit

The perception of CPA marketing for some consumers or the 22%, an older statistic of email readers literally look at CPA offers as a trick to get them to opt in. I can honestly say that's what I used to think before I started in affiliate marketing.

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I did a case study awhile back and gained a new set of eyes in regards to email marketing. There is a big difference between just plain bad email and a lucrative business that can grow for savvy marketers that value their customer list.

CPA Marketing From A Different Perspective

My honest opinion with the growing untapped markets such as text marketing, it seems that the other 78% to be exact is booming with text messaging.

The lack of email readers and open rates can be reversed are not guaranteed, but when you pay attention to things such as delivery factors, you may definitely increase chances to get the response you intended. This includes good subject lines (the cheesy shock value approach is over and dead at least it doesn't work on me) including jam packing your subscribers inbox with filler information that I call BS.

I think people still manage to open there emails probably more than average, but CPA offers get overlooked because of the same old marketing strategies. The same old tired subject lines that keep leading to the same offers.

My advice is to take more of an innovative approach toward your marketing. Test, Test, Test! Marketing CPA offers to an email list is definitely not dead, but I do think that bombarding your list hoping they will click just won't happen. That's a waste of time and effort. If you have a list that is unresponsive in your niche try something different.

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Posted in Marketing and Advertising Post Date 03/17/2017