Key systems & technologies for your business

Implement key systems & technologies for your business that will position you powerfully and leverage your talents, time, and technology. This is an overview of elements to your business that we will be implementing over the coming months. Get started on the aspects that are immediately relevant to you.

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1. Set Up Your Support Infrastructure

Getting the right kind of support is key to a successful business. One of the ways to manage the overwhelm of starting and/or growing your business is to create an infrastructure that supports you. You will need support on many levels: a business mentor, a power pal and support staff, like a virtual assistant or customer service staff, to keep yourself on track.

Get a Business Mentor. Make sure your mentor isn't way ahead of you. It needs to be a 'just right' fit. Here are some ways to know whether you've found yours.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) or outsource your administrative and technical tasks. In the beginning, a DIY approach can help minimize costs. However, as your business grows adding targeted support is essential. Outsourcing your technical and administrative tasks may be one of the first places to start. Outsourcing can be a time consuming endeavor. Identify what you are willing to delegate and establish guidelines for communication and project management. A winning strategy in outsourcing is to try folks out on a project basis first, in order to determine a good fit. Here are some resources to get support: Web Team Support, Odesk, Elance or Anita Johnson at msjohnson @ (spaces left for spammers).

Create a strategic plan for your business. that includes your income goals, your content creation & delivery timetable, tribe building strategies and marketing calendar. You can use Freemind to organize and strategize your plan. Create yearly and quarterly benchmarks. Post appointments and to do's in Google Calendar, which can be shared with your team and support staff.

2. Package Your Services & Set Up Payment Processing

Package Your Services . Consider your flavor and style when creating your packages and services. Your strengths and natural orientation, and that of your clients, is key when designing the ways in which you deliver your 'body of work.' Determine which formats serve you and your clients best: 1-1 coaching/consulting, group coaching, VIP days, teleclasses, spot training, interviews, Q&A sessions, etc. Determine price points and ranges for your programs and services. Create irresistible web copy that speaks to an urgency, in your tribe's language and ina format that features your expertise.

Set up Payment Processing . The easiest payment processor is Paypal. Upgrade to a business account. You can create easy payment buttons to place on your site. People trust the Paypal brand. When purchasing, all that's required is logging into Paypal, thereby reducing the barrier to purchase, since you don't have to pull out your credit card.

1Shopping Cart is a full service solution: autoresponder, shopping cart, affiliate program. It's more expensive than Paypal and is a more advanced option. If you're ready to joint venture, you probably need to add this level of service..

3. Set Up Your Online Presence

Decide which platform is best for hosting your site. My recommendation is a WordPress site hosted on your own domain and web host. Here's a 12-step guide to help you get your site up quickly. You can either do this yourself (DIY) or outsource. I would not invest a lot of money in the design aspect of your site, if you are in the beginning. Your message and body of work will evolve and it's not the best use of your resources at this time.

If you'd like to outsource I have three trusted resources: my colleague, Nina East, Anita Johnson, at msjohnson @ (spaces left for spammers), or Web TeamSupport.

If you're not ready to take that on, create a blog for yourself on any of the following blog platforms: WordPress, Typepad, Blogger. You can always export the content of your blog to your own hosted blogsite when you are ready.

Communicate Your Essential Message. Your home page should be a snapshot of your essential message: (1) it should speak to your tribe, (2) illustrate the core problems you solve brilliantly, and (3) engage your readers in your unique essence. Your bio and story should give people a taste of who you are and reveal how your experiences position you masterfully to solve their core problems.

4. Build Your Tribe: List Building 101

Create a Compelling Pink Spoon . Building your list is an ongoing process. In order to have folks sign up for your list you need to provide them a 'free taste' ( pink spoon ) of your expertise. Pink Spoon is a term coined by Andrea J. Lee, to indicate the pink spoon used at Baskin-Robbins, to provide a taste of different ice cream flavors. A compelling pink spoon should position you as an expert, focus on your prospect's compelling problems and deliverextraordinary value.

Your pink spoon can be a special report, an ecourse, audio or video.Videos should be under 2 minutes. If you can provide your pink spoon invarious formats written, audio & video you make it easier toexperience your expertise in formats that your prospects can relate toand engage in, that translates to wider consumption.

Get an Autoresponder Service. You'll need anautoresponder service in order to build a list credibly and comply with Can-Spam Act and industry standards. Myrecommendation is Aweber,which has the highest deliverability on the internet, tracking tools andhundreds of templates for web forms and newsletters.

Deliver Value and Content to Your Tribe on a Regular Basis. One of the best ways to create a relationship and build your know, like and trust factor is to publish a weekly newsletter. Your content can take various formats an article, teleclass invitation or video. Check out my interview with Linda Claire Puig for more tips.

Your blog is also an important tool for creating connection, delivering content and creating value for your community. Post anywhere from 2-4 times a week to boost your online visibility. Use social media to drive traffic for both. For more details on blogging strategies and techniques check out my interviews with Denise Wakeman and Nina East.


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