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A powerful internet marketing strategy incorporates something I like to call the media marketing blitz.

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This strategy is based from the military genius of World War II. In respect to digital marketing, it is designed to keep your competition off balance through constant motion and coordination of the resources you have at hand. In war, this meant utilizing land air and sea forces. In our case, it means harmonizing resources like incoming links, social media, and correct usage of key words, among many other resources, in order to promote a successful online campaign.

Social Media

Social media platforms are an excellent tool for implementing this "media blitz" strategy as long as you know how to properly distribute content to your target audience. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are the most common platforms for this, but in order to really increase the "blitz-factor" I would recommend using 50+ platforms correctly. These platforms provide a lightning fast way to communicate important information and it's viral nature only further facilitates it's power to dominate other companies online marketing campaigns.

SEO -the proper way

Knowing how to correctly optimize content is extremely important because the media marketing blitz strategy is based on efficiency, speed, and targeting vital spots of your competition. If you are not an SEO expert then im afraid this will not work well for you. For example, an untrained person writes 50 blogs and uses facebook, twitter and youtube in hopes of ranking higher on google for certain keywords. This took a lot of time and effort to write all that content yet he still isn't showing up on google like he expected; how disappointing. The SEO expert knows to great detail the workings of the google search algorithm. He works knowing that the key isn't volume, it's quality! With 5 properly written blogs and the usage of a huge variety of social media platforms, the marketing blitz really takes action in a powerful way.

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