Blog Commenting For Backlinks And Traffic

Blog commenting has become a very popular way to generate backlinks for your site, however there are other benefits to it. By commenting on blog posts you have the opportunity to be noticed by other bloggers and generate more traffic to your site.

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Find some blogs you like that are related to your niche and follow them, commenting only when you have something relevant to add. Posting comments such as "nice post", "thanks for the post" or something along those lines won't do and will rarely be approved. Be willing to add something of value with your comments or don't bother commenting at all, you will be wasting your time.

You should understand that this form of promotion takes time for results to be seen and you need to have patience. Keep at it on a regular basis, have patience, and it will pay off for you. Above all else, never use Spam tactics for commenting. Keep it real when commenting and don't over-do it for best results, and as a bonus you will get to know some interesting people!


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