Social media is here to stay folks!

Social media is here to stay folks! First it was Myspace, or maybe it was actually Friendster. Then it was Facebook. Now there is Twitter, FourSquare and all forms of social media sites with people flocking to them. So where does this leave us, the eBay Powersellers? Should we join social media and start promoting our auctions through various new media venues, or should we spit in Change's face and just stick to promoting within eBay and maybe on a blog?

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Well.. Hopefully you know the answer before I say it It's time to make the leap. I've blogged about eBay and Twitter before. And the times, they are a-changing; those who don't convert will be more and more left behind in business. This includes online businesses, eBay businesses and brick and mortar businesses. How should you start? I'll tell ya 3 Easy steps and you'll be on your way to social media success and increased eBay powerseller success as well!

1. Get on Facebook. there is a great video by Pat Flynn of that explains exactly how to create a Facebook fan page. This is a great way to tell all your Facebook friends about your eBay business and have them spread the word as well.

2. Become a Twit. Yes, I said it, I am giving you license to become a brat!

No, just joking, sillies. I mean get on Twitter, learn to tweet, start Twittering, whatever you want to call it, Just Do It! It is as easy as logging on to Twitter and linking your name and your email address. I suggest you use your real name or at the very least your eBay business name, because if people search for you on Google, you'd want to direct them to a place where they will link back to your website or eBay store. Also on Twitter you can set your preferences so you could link your website to your Bio Guess what website that should be? Your eBay store, of course! Drives traffic, finds new customers, and is an amazing way to meet people and network online. If you want to get a professional head start on Twitter branding, you can sign up for a Twitter marketing membership.

3. Get a blog. you can host your own on wordpress, a very easy system to customize; or you can even make a blog in no time whatsoever for free on Just start chatting about the things you like and incidentally what you sell on eBay!

Here are some more tips for how to get your blog noticed as well.

Doing even just one of these things will put you far ahead of your eBay competition, and doing all three together will explode your business in a few short months, in ways you never realized we're possible with silly, self-promoting social media. It's not just for the kiddies anymore, folks. For some examples you can check out my Twitter account or take a look at my Facebook fan page (become a fan!); but don't laugh because I'm still new at the fb thing!

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